Solar for your Business


Power Partners are Australia’s leading network of solar power dealers with deep expertise in the installation of on-grid solar power systems for industrial, commercial, corporate and government businesses. All Power Partners have employees that are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited for the design and installation of PV projects.

Power Partners utilise state of the art design techniques together with best of breed product from around the globe to achieve a successful and considered solution design. They can stage your project locally in your state based offices or offer just in time delivery to the project team located on site. Having each Power Partner locally based in capital cities and regional centres around Australia gives them the ability to deploy your solar power system anywhere your commercial operations are situated.

Thinking about solar for your business?

Commercial Solar make sense for many businesses, providing great savings on operational costs. Below is a quick checklist of factors which will impact the applicability of a commercial solar system for your business:

  • Do you have ownership or granted use for a roof area or a site for ground mounted solar? Solar systems can be mounted on flat or inclined rooves with a variety of mounting techniques
  • Does your business have a high energy consumption rate? If heating, lighting, air conditioning or equipment are driving your bills over 100mW hours per year  you should think about solar
  • Will your business energy use expand which may cause your power bills to increase? Installing a commercial solar system can act as a hedge against price rises and increased consumption rates.

What we do

Each Power Partner will carry out an initial site visit. During the visit the following information is evaluated to ensure the success of the system design will suit the physical limitations of the building and the electrical requirements of the organisation:

1.     Site evaluation including roof structure and engineering reports if required

2.     Review of services required and possible infrastructure issues

3.     Project size and estimated annual energy output

4.     Environmental assessments and planning

5.     Definition of project structure

6.     Utility negotiation including management of your renewable energy certificates

7.     Verification on Government policies and Government assistance

8.     Project options and the consideration of the latest trends in solar technologies

9.     Risk assessment providing feasibility report, with conclusive recommendations to the client

10.   Design and development of your solar power solution options

From this point, options are presented so your organisation can make informed decisions about your energy strategy, carbon footprint and environmental impacts. After reviewing these options, your local Power Partner can prepare for the project management and installation phase and following your organisations system choice and formal contract signing they will complete –

  • Project engineering and product procurement
  • Installation teams proceed to detailed engineering design
  • Construction and full system commissioning on time and on budget

Power Partners can also negotiate a network connection and access agreement with the relevant utility.

Due to the modular nature of solar power and the Power Partners unique design methodology, each solar PV solution can be easily expanded in carefully staged projects as your power requirements change.

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